Maremma Guardian Dogs coming soon......

We have already started with a Maremma pup on our farm (Lois).  She has the best genetics from Italy.  Lois was brought onto the farm to take care of our Boer Goats and she is doing a brilliant job of it. 

Maremma guardian dogs were bred 2000 years ago to assist shepperds protect livestock from wolves.  Their nickname in Italy is the "wolf slayer".  In Australia we primarily use them to protect our stock against foxes, wild cats, wild dogs, pigs and birds of prey.

Our goal is to have several female dogs protecting goats and chickens who will take turns at being a mum.  Our puppies will be sold at 8 weeks old and we will start the bonding process with either chickens or goats (a pre-ordered pup can have a request for bonding of either).  By special request we can fully bond a pre-ordered pup with either a goat or chicken and have it trained ready to go to their new home at several months of age where it will have the size to protect stock on their arrival.  For those with sheep, Maremmas interact and see sheep and goats as one in the same.  Our Lois was pre-bonded with sheep and had no issue with her new goat friends.

Feel free to email your interest about pre-bonded Maremma puppies with chickens or goats, or even if you want a Maremma for a pet.  We'll be happy to oblige.

[email protected]

Lois at 7 weeks old

Lois coming back from shopping for a toy

More photos to come of Lois at 6 months old..........