Incubation Service Available To Customers

Armstrong Organics now provides an incubation service to it's customers. 

If you have fertile eggs but no incubator, we can assist in hatching those eggs for you.

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Drop in your eggs or simply post them to us.  We will take care of the little ones in our incubator and hatcher for 23 days. 

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Blue Australorp Day Old Chick

We are offering a Poultry Egg Incubation Service to individuals out there who can't afford an incubator, or only want to hatch one off batches throughout the year.  Minimum order accepted is 24 eggs.  Eggs can be dropped off to Trunkey Creek NSW, or posted to me. 

If you are purchasing fertilised eggs from a third party, I am happy for those eggs to be posted direct to me to save time and additional cartage fees.  Photos of the eggs will be taken on opening the package to show the condition of eggs received, allowing for you to contact the third party if eggs weren't transported correctly or damages occurred.

Cost per egg hatched is $4.40 (including GST) paid in advance of receipt of eggs.  An invoice will be emailed with bank details for direct transfer, or bank card can be utilised online.  If an egg is unsuccessful the incubation charge gets reduced by 50% to $2.20 per unhatched egg (covers electricity usage to run machines).  Refund for the difference of $2.20 will be provided to the customer via original method of payment. 

It is the customers responsibility to ensure eggs are tested as being fertilised, checked for damage and cleaned from dirt/droppings prior to sending for hatching.  Unclean or damaged eggs will not be placed in the incubator.

Once hatched, day old chicks are to be picked up once they are dried, either in person or via a courier service.  Day olds will not be return posted.  If a courier service is used to pickup, appropriate packaging needs to be supplied to place the day olds. Standard procedure is to transfer eggs from incubator to hatcher on day 19 and remove on day 23 (allows enough time for late hatchers).  Chicks are to be picked up on day 23 (if ready earlier a call will be made to the customer).  Water will be provided to day olds prior to pickup to ensure they are hydrated.  They will also be kept under 35 degree celcius heat until pickup.

A delivery service is available to customers who have had their eggs hatched with us.  A minimal amount of 77 cents per km is charged.  This only covers motor vehicle expenses and an employees time to travel to you.  This fee is the same whether you hatch 24 eggs or 1700 eggs with us.  

All poultry breeds are hatched.  For customers information the following are my settings:

* Day 1 - Day 18 (37.8 degrees celcius, 45% humidity).  Eggs are turned once per hour automatically.
* Day 19 - 23 (37.5 degrees celcius, 65% humidity).  No turning of eggs during this time to allow chicks to get into position to hatch out.

Incubator and hatchers are Greatlander branded with dual ultra sonic humidifiers with misters, cooling mist pump with evaporative cooling, sanitising function, and turning every hour during first 18 days.

System has alarms if temperature or humidity goes outside set parameters.  Capacity of incubator is approximately 1700 eggs.  Incubator and hatcher are kept in an insulated room.

If you are interested in having some eggs incubated, please email [email protected] , text or call 0414 865 227 .  Please note that phone reception is limited at times making email our preferred contact method.

Greatlander Incubator - Approx. capacity of 1700 eggs

Greatlander Hatcher - Used for day 19 to day 23.

Incubator Temperature Controller above and Hatcher Controller below (LHS figure shows degrees celcius, RHS shows percentage humidity.