We have recently sold our entire fold of Scottish Highland Cattle so we can concentrate our efforts on breeding of larger Boer Goat numbers on our farm.  

Please send your enquiries to [email protected].

We now are able to sell our cattle yards that have been used 8 times only. They are semi-permanent Arrow Farmquip yards made from XPE Panels. Inlcuding X Flow Forcing tub, latch slam gates, 1800mm high race and panels, sliding gates, 3m adjustable cattle loading ramp (as new - just used now to move sold cattle), and a Q Catch 6300 Crush with head holder.

The design has a curve in the yards and race to enable the stock to flow through a lot easier.  They don’t bulk because of this design. 
You can’t go wrong with these yards.  They’ve made everything so much easier for us.
Wanting $22,000 for the yards (including GST).

Cattle Yards can be picked up from Trunkey Creek which is approx 35 minutes from Bathurst NSW (58kms of good tar road).

You can find more information about our farm on other pages of our internet site.
Feel free to email us at [email protected] or text 0414 865 227 (phone reception is limited at times) for further information.
Cattle yards can be viewed in person prior to purchase.  A formal tax invoice and receipt will be provided.  A 50% deposit is required to hold the yards.  Yards are ready to be picked up and the majority has been dismantled.

Thankyou for looking.

Below are links to the cattle yard components for videos, photos and a more detailed description (these links belong to Arrow Farmquip):

A video for the Xflow system for you here.....

 The 6300 QCatch Vet Crush system here..............

Links for gates and panels:
XPE Double Gates with chain locking system - 
XPE Gates with Slam Latches -  

QCatch 6300 Vet Crush with head holder - 
Below are photos of what the setup looks like in our paddock:

Arrow FarmQuip Drawings

Please send your enquiries to [email protected] .

Below you will see examples of Scottish Highland Cattle sold.

For those who don't know I have included a description list as well:

* Steers (male cattle that have been desexed) - Great for hobby farmers that, although may not be interested in breeding these great animals, love the look of the breed all the same and would love one for a pet.  For those inclined, Scottish Highland cattle have a great marbling low fat meat.  Our steers would be perfect for those that want cattle for the freezer.

* Heifers (females that are yet to calve) - Sold with registration papers.

* Cows (female cattle who have had at least one calf) - Sold with registration papers.

* Bulls (male cattle in tact - not desexed).

*  Registration Papers - Our cattle are listed with the Australian Highland Cattle Society.  This means that the cattles bloodline can be traced back to it's ancestry.  Buying non registered cattle from other breeders means you don't know who it's parents are or if the cattle are 100% Scottish Highland (parents, grandparents etc could have other cattle breeds bred in).

Marian of Loxley - SOLD!!!

Marian of Loxley is our new heifer calf at Loxley Springs born on 11th February 2017.  She has some good looking parents.  Sire is Prince of Loxley, previously know as "Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (8027)".  Prince has a beautiful temperament, lots of muscle tone, perfect fringe, strong straight back and great legs and feet.  Prince is a show winner and his achievements can be found on the "Scottish Highland Cattle" page.

Dam is Maisie of Loxley, previously known as "Maisie Ban of Bairnsley AI (7786)".  She is a strong footed cow with perfect horns, back, fringe and coat.  Her mothering insticts are exceptional.

Both parents are registered with the Australian Highland Cattle Society.

Marian will be ready to go to her new home on 11th September.  Currently taking expressions of interest.  50% deposit will be required with the balance payable on pickup.

She is drinking mums milk and nibbling on pasture and weeds.  Very healthy young heifer.

Please feel free to email enquiries to [email protected]  

Maid Marian of Loxley - Enjoying the weather at Loxley Springs

Marian's mum, Maisie of Loxley

Marian's dad , Prince of Loxley


Junior is one of Maisie's boys.  12 months of training him with feed and a comb has now paid off and he will go out of his way for a brush.  He is very good natured and has been great around our 11 year old son.

Junior is now 18 months old.  He has a beautiful length fringe, nice coat and nice form to his back, legs and feet.  He comes from very good bloodlines.

He can be brushed all over including his face, fringe, underbelly, legs, and tail.

He would be an asset to any farm.  If you are interested in Junior you are welcome to visit our farm and help us with our daily brushing.

Please feel free to email enquiries to [email protected]

Junior enjoying a brush


Arthur is a red bull calf born on the 1st December. 

He has been socialised with a maremma dog, a labrador and Boer Goats.

His sire is Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (Prince).  Dun in colour.  He is a prize winner at a few cattle shows.  Please see his history on the "Scottish Highland Cattle" page.

The dam is one of Cruachan’s Cows and is red in colour.  She has a nice thick coat, long fringe and great back, legs and feet.

Please feel free to email enquiries to [email protected]  

Arthur checking the paddocks with me

Having a well deserved rest after being bottle fed

Arthur resting with Mia our family Labrador.