Armstrong Organics

Our farm is located at Trunkey Creek on a wonderful 350 acres at 1000m elevelation with surrounding views and spring fed dams.

What We Are About

We strive ourselves on using no pesticides on our pastures and giving our animals a stress free life.

Scottish Highland Cattle are our passion and we also breed Boer Goats, Australorp Chickens and Silkie Chickens.  We have Maremma Guardian Dogs to protect the goats and our chickens.

Our farm is split into 53 paddocks where the stock remain in each paddock for between 5 - 7 days before moving onto to the next.  This means that the pasture gets to rest for approximately 265 days a year before it gets eaten again.

We utilise Boer Goats and Scottish Highland Cattle to manage weeds as well as good old fashion hard work with brushcutters.

Animals have spring water and rain water in dams and troughs to keep them healthy.

Our cattle and goats are patted and brushed every day to keep them calm.  Keeps our stress down too. 

Our family members are Mary, Tommy and our son Lachlan.

We look forward to doing business with you.