At Loxley Springs we have only the best bloodlines from Scotland and Canada.  Our aim is to continue to introduce these bloodlines from within Australia and overseas.  All progeny from our sire bull will be sold to prospective breeders to allow us to purchase additional heifers to expand our fold.  For those interested, please press on the below icon to be directed to our cattle sales page.

Scottish Highland Cattle Sales


Prince was purchased from Bairnsley Highlands and previously registered as "Am Prionnsa Og of Bairnsley (8027)".  He is Dun in colour, carries a lot of muscle with a great top line, and excellent feet and legs. 

He is a very patient bull having been shown, and loves a good scratch with the comb.  He can be brushed all over including the face and head.  The main man on the farm.  He is our sire bull.

Princes accomplishments:

Reserve Junior Champion Bull - 2014 Highland National Show & Royal Melbourne Show (Highland Feature Breed).

1st Prize for Bull 15-18 months old - 2014 Nationals.

1st Prize for Bull 24-36 months old - 2015 Nationals.

Senior Champion Bull - 2015 Nationals.

Grand Champion Bull - 2015 Nationals.

DOB - 1st May 2013



Maisie is the matriarch of the Highland fold.  Previously known as "Maisie Ban of Bairnsley AI (7786)".  She is a fantastic mother with brilliant horns, lovely straight back and the best coat and fringe.  She loves a good brush especially around the neck.  Currently being joined to Prince of Loxley.


Rose Marie is our extra friendly member of the family.  She will move everyone out of the way for a brush.  Has a good frame, excellent fringe and great horns.  Fringe is extra long and back is straight.  Previously known as Rose Marie of Cruachan (Scottish Highland Registration Number 8191).  Born 11th November 2014.  Currently being joined to Prince of Loxley.


Lucy was purchased from Cruachan Highland Cattle.  She is the supermodel of our cattle.  Smooth lines, long coat and perfect fringe.  Enjoys a good brush like all our cattle and will make a good mum one day.  Previously know as Maisie Ruadh of Cruachan (Scottish Highland Registration Number 8192).  Born on 30th January 2015.  Currently being joined to Prince of Loxley.

Lucy of Loxley at 8 months old


Georgia was purchased from Cruachan Highland Cattle.  She is a reserved lady.  Wider frame, long coat, straight back and long fringe.  Can be brushed all over.  Previously known as Monteag 3rd of Cruachan (Scottish Highland Registration Number 8185).  Born on 7th September 2014.  Currently being joined to Prince of Loxley.

Georgia of Loxley at 4 months old


Burger was originally meant to be a steer for the dinner table.........  Well until Lachlan decided he wanted him as a pet.  The name stuck, but Burger is the most friendliest cow we have ever met.  Loves his food to no end.  Will follow you around the paddock for a brush, and helps lead the cattle into their new paddocks.  He has the biggest horns on the farm and knows it. 

Burger with his head buried in the bucket of grain with mollasses.  Loves his treats!!!