Armstrong Organics - Chicken Sales

Here at Loxley Springs we like our meat to be Grass Fed and Fresh.  Therefore this is what we want for our customers too. 

Why Scottish Highland beef? 

Highland beef is leaner than your traditional store bought beef - our cattle do not require a thick layer of fat during winter to keep them warm.  They have a brilliant coat that does just that. 
Highland also has highly marbled beef, high in eye muscle (more quality steak) and good colour.

Our process:

Pre-orders are placed for 10kg, 20kg, or 30kg packages which will contain a mixture of steaks, roasts, mince, rissoles and sausages.  50% payment is needed on ordering to start the process.

A highland is chosen and sent through the stages of processing the beef.

A notification will be sent 3 - 5 days prior to packaging.  This is when the balance of 50% needs to be finalised. 

For receipt of goods, customers can either pick up direct from the farm (no fee for pickup), or alternatively opt for delivery to your door.  The price per kilo for delivery has been altered to cover expenses such as driver and running costs.  

Prices are:

  • Day old to 4 weeks old - $15 (including GST).  
  • 4 weeks old to 8 weeks old - $20 (including GST).
  • 8 weeks old to 12 weeks old - $25 (including GST).
  • 12 weeks old to 16 weeks old - $30 (including GST).
  • 16 weeks old to 20 weeks old - $35 (including GST).
  • 20+weeks old - $45 (including GST).

10% Discounts apply to purchases of 10 or more.  
20% discount applies for purchases of 100 or more.

To place an order please email us at

A minimum of 4 customer orders need to be placed at 30kg each for a delivery to be made to any area.