Boer Goats - Sales

Loxley Springs started with a small herd of Boer Goats to bond with our Maremma Guardian dog Lois.  We believe that you buy the best bloodlines your money can buy, and that's just what we did.  We sourced a great buck and some gorgeous does to be the base of our Boer Goat family.

Our goats are fed by hand for a prolonged period to get them used to human contact.  When eating we pat them all over including the face.  After a few months they follow us in the paddocks and come and rub up against you for a pat (and a lot of the time to eat your clothes he he).

The Reason For Boer Goats

Goats was a childhood past-time.  Now it's about pasture maintenance to keep the weeds under control.  To do so we needed to multiply our numbers. 

Boer Goats are not flighty like the rangeland/wild goat.  They respect the fences.  We train ours for a couple of weeks in a small paddock with electric portable chicken wire.  One touch at low voltage and they respect the boundary of the paddock.  We then expand the paddock size until they are roaming around the farm rotational grazing with higher voltage fencing.  This fencing is now for their protection against preditors as the goats now have no interest in the fencing.

Boer Goats put on size quicker than other goats.  They also have a shorter coat allowing them to get into places like blackberry bushes and thorns without getting caught like angora and other long haired animals.

Boer Goats are known to have one kid on their first birth and twins thereafter.  Sometimes triplets or more.  Boer Goats (both males and females) reach sexual maturity at 5 months of age and takes an additional 5 months to give birth.


Below are our prices for live Boer Goats (GST Inclusive)

  • Doeling (doe kid) under 5 months of age - $350.
  • Doe 5 months of age or older - $450.
  • Buck under 5 months of age - $450. 
  • Bucks 5 months of age or older - $1000 (retain a higher price because they need to be kept in a seperate paddock awaiting their new home so they don't impregnate the does).
  • Weathers (castrated males for meat or for pets) - $175.

We are happy to organise transportation of a live animal for you.  Delivery of live weathers to your address is calculated at 77 cents per km from Trunkey Creek for the return trip.  There is no profit made from this charge.  Simply covers labour for driver, fuel and car expenses.

For all buck sales pre-ordering is essential.  Males need to be set aside as the procedure is to castrate for the meat market.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a buck, or are interested in Does and Weathers please email us to arrange a purchase.